Research Organization

Steering Committee

Revolution of Chiral Materials Science using Helical Light Fields

Principal Investigator

Takashige Omatsu(Chiba University・Professor)


Hiromi Okamoto(Institute for Molecular Science・Professor・Professor)

Masahiro Ehara(National Institutes of Natural Sciences・Professor)

Evaluation Group


Eiji Yashima(Nagoya University)

Toyohiko Yatagai(Utsunomiya University)

Hiroshi Masuhara(National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

Tohru Suemoto(The University of Electro-Communications)


Kazue Kurihara(Tohoku University)

Yoshie Harada(Osaka University)

Keiji Sasaki(Hokkaido University)

Yasushi Inouye(Osaka University)

International Advisors

Kishan Dholakia(University of Adelaide and University of St Andrews)

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop(The University of Queensland)

Malcolm Kadodwala(University of Glasgow)

Alexander Govorov(Ohio University)

Planned Research


Nonlinear chiral optical responses by helical light fields

Principal Investigator

Nobuhiko Yokoshi(Osaka Metropolitan University・Associate Professor)


Yoshito Tanaka(Hokkaido University・Professor)


Quantum inverse design theory for the chiroptical properties based on helical light fields

Principal Investigator

Masahiro Ehara(National Institutes of Natural Sciences・Professor)


Coherent control of excitons in chiral molecular systems throught interactions with helical light fields

Principal Investigator

Takuya Nakashima(Osaka Metropolitan University・Professor)


Takashi Hirose(Kyoto University・Associate Professor)

Mitsuhiko Morisue(Kyoto Institute of Technology・Assistant Professor)

Mihoko Yamada(Nara Institute of Science and Technology・Assistant Professor)


Chiral interaction dynamics between helical light fields and nanomaterials

Principal Investigator

Hiromi Okamoto(Institute for Molecular Science・Professor)


Sadgrove Mark(Tokyo University of Science・Associate Professor)

Tetsuya Narushima(Institute for Molecular Science・Researcher)

AHN HyoYong(National Institutes of Natural Sciences・Assistant Professor)

Junsuke Yamanishi(Institute for Molecular Science・Assistant Professor)


Interaction between material and helical near field

Principal Investigator

Tomoya Oshikiri(Tohoku University・Associate Professor)


Takehiko Wada(Tohoku University・Professor)


Nanoscale Helical Field Generations and Material Manipulations using Plasmonics

Principal Investigator

Atsushi Taguchi(Hokkaido University・Associate Professor)


Nano/macro-scale chiral structures fabricated by illumination of helical light fields

Principal Investigator

Takashige Omatsu(Chiba University・Professor)


Hiroko Yokota(Chiba University・Associate Professor)

Teruki Sugiyama(Nara Institute of Science and Technology・Professor)


Excitation of quantized vortex via helical light field

Principal Investigator

Yosuke Minowa(Osaka University・Assistant Professor)


Makoto Tsubota(Osaka Metropolitan University・Professor)

Takashi Nishioka(Kochi University・Professor)


Stimulation into biological tissues and self-organization dynamics using helical light fields

Principal Investigator

Chie Hosokawa(Osaka Metropolitan University・Professor)


Kentaro Doi(Toyohashi University of Technology・Professor)


Development of 3D-tissues with helical structures by helical light field

Principal Investigator

Michiya Matsusaki(Osaka University・Professor)


Masahiko Nakamoto(Osaka University・Assistant Professor)

Kenta Homma(Osaka University・Assistant Professor)

Publicly Offered Research


Study of chirality-dependent optical forces enabled by spin-orbital angular momentum conversion in the nonlinear optical trapping of VO2 particles

Principal Investigator

Pin Christophe(Hokkaido University・Assistant Professor)

Theory of topological-light driven nonequilibrium dynamics of vortex generation in magnets and superconductors

Principal Investigator

Masahiro Sato(Chiba University・Professor)

Molecular Theories in Chiral Materials Science

Principal Investigator

Hirofumi Sato(Kyoto University・Professor)

Experimental and theoretical studies on the interaction of high-energy UV vortex synchrotron radiation with biomolecules

Principal Investigator

Koichi Matsuo(Hiroshima University・Associate Professor)

Interaction of light vortices and electrons explored in quantum Hall regime

Principal Investigator

Kenichi Oto(Chiba University・Professor)

Simulation study on the correlation between local asymmetry and macroscopic chirality in fundamental processes of optical-vortex and plasma interaction

Principal Investigator

Hiroaki Nakamura(National Institute for Fusion Science・Professor)


Topological structures induced by transverse spin angular momentum of surface plasmon polaritons

Principal Investigator

Atsushi Kubo(University of Tsukuba・Senior Lecturer)

Integrated system of HS-AFM and optical vortex for high spatio-temporal resolution observation of chiral ordering

Principal Investigator

Takayuki Umakoshi(Osaka University・Senior Lecturer)

High resolution observation of chirality by photo-induced force microscopy and elucidation of light helix and molecular interactions

Principal Investigator

Yasuhiro Sugawara(Osaka University・Professor)

Visualization of nano-optical chiral fields generated by helical light

Principal Investigator

Kohei Imura(Waseda University・Professor)

Development of single-chip optical chiral light sources

Principal Investigator

Kyoko Kitamura(Tohoku University・Professor)

Optical Vortex Tweezers using Nanostructured Semiconductors and their applications to Chiral Chemistry

Principal Investigator

Yasuyuki Tsuboi(Osaka Metropolitan University・Professor)

Chiro-thermo-optical reaction fields at the nanometer scale

Principal Investigator

Kenji Setoura(Kobe City College of Technology・Associate Professor)


Development of Nanomaterials with Photoregulated Helicity

Principal Investigator

Ryojun Toyoda(Tohoku University・Assistant Professor)

Chiral Nucleation in Metaspace with Enhanced Helical Near-Field Co-Created by Electric and Magnetic Field

Principal Investigator

Hiromasa Niinomi(Tohoku University・Assistant Professor)

Creation of magnetic skyrmions by helicity of light

Principal Investigator

Tomoyuki Yokouchi(The University of Tokyo・Assistant Professor)

Theory for fluid control and chiral ordering with helical light field

Principal Investigator

Mamoru Tamura(Osaka University・Assistant Professor)

Chirality-selective nucleation and crystal growth induced by chiral vortex beam

Principal Investigator

Ryusei Oketani(Osaka University・Assistant Professor)

Exploring chiral edge mode and geometric universality in active matter by optical vortex manipulatio

Principal Investigator

Yusuke Maeda(Kyushu University・Associate Professor)

Photochemical chiral growth of metal colloids using helisity of light

Principal Investigator

Koichiro Saito(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology・Researcher)

Molecular assembling of phenylalanine derivatives by chiral optical forces

Principal Investigator

Kenichi Yuyama(Osaka Metropolitan University・Senior Lecturer)